Sick Leave

Sick leave can be used because of illness, injuryFMLA, health care appointments, and death of an immediate family member

Transferring Sick Leave from Previous Public Employment in Ohio

Individuals with prior Ohio Public Service may be eligible to transfer unused sick leave to Miami University. Classified and unclassified staff should complete the Request to Transfer Ohio Public Service. Faculty and academic administrative staff should contact Academic Personnel Services at 513-529-6724.

Earning Sick Leave

Unclassified and Faculty

See MUPIM for the policy.

Each full-time unclassified administrative or instructional staff member earns 15 days of sick leave per contract year. 

Classified-SATSS and AFSCME

See MUPIM for the policy.

All Supervisor, Administrative, and Technical Support Staff (SATSS) and American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) staff earn sick leave at a rate of 4.6 hours for every 80-hour pay period for which pay is received.