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Dr. Mike Gonella - Mahkihkiwa, the Myaamia Ethnobotanical Database

Dr. Mike Gonella - Mahkihkiwa

Myaamiaki Conference Introduction

Myaamiaki Conference Introduction

Myaamia Ribbonwork Walkthrough

2020 Myaamia Ribbonwork Exhibit Walkthrough

Assessment and evaluation  Callout Graphic

A Logo, A Relationship


The Myaamia Heritage Logo references the traditional Miami Tribe art form of ribbonwork and symbolizes the unique relationship between the University and Tribe.

The Myaamia Heritage Logo does not replace any current symbols used by Miami University or the Miami Tribe.

Tess Von Hemel

Tess Von Hemel

Tess VonHemel has always loved being around horses, so she joined the MU Equestrian Team where she rides hunt seat. She even won her class for Miami University at the Tournament of Champions, a competition featuring 16 nationally ranked teams!

Maximillian Pyle

Myaamia student Maximillian Pyle was excited to join Miami Entrepreneurship. This program has helped him explore creative, business-focused thinking. In the future, Max hopes to use his experience to contribute to the continued success of tribal businesses.

Eewansaapita & Saakaciweeta

2019 Eewansaapita Staff

Myaamia Students from Miami University serve as counselors for the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma’s summer youth programs, Saakaciweeta (ages 6-9) and Eewansaapita (ages 10-16). The students help camp participants by modeling how to be good learners and community members.

Moccasin Making Workshop

Moccasin Making Workshop

Myaamia Students participated in a moccasin making workshop, where they learned the entire process starting by making a pattern, cutting the pattern out of a hide, and sewing up the moccasins.

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