Applied Research Center

The Applied Research Center (ARC) of Miami University, founded in 1978, is a center for policy research and analysis located at 2 South Main Street, Middletown, Ohio. In 1985, Academic Challenge funds from the Ohio Board of Regents helped the ARC expand to become an important research resource serving the strategic planning needs of Ohio and its counties, cities, and local communities. The Applied Research Center has completed large scale research projects beyond Ohio's borders, including other states and larger regions of the nation.

Through data driven research studies, the Center offers a hands-on learning environment for Social Science students and scholars, as well as a wealth of information that not only benefits our clients, but also the general public both directly and indirectly. Results of recent studies have provided information to the public about an array of important issues that affect their lives from health management to public safety issues and have helped leaders to make informed decisions regarding public policy.