Creative Services Request

UCM provides professional consultation and creative design services to the university community. Our services are in high demand and we must maximize those resources through thoughtful management of projects, maximizing the time and talent of our creative staff with the goal of meeting your objectives and deadlines as seamlessly and efficiently as possible.

The primary focus of our publications team is to support Admission and Enrollment Management in their recruiting efforts. Additionally, we are responsible for Athletics branding and materials, including venues and spaces on campus.

In order to meet the constant demand for graphic services, UCM must carefully leverage our team's availability, which sometimes means we must use outside resources, such as freelance designers, to achieve all of the work vetted through our office. We have negotiated a reasonable rate of $60/hr for freelance design services and work with several designers who are trained in Miami's brand.

All creative requests are reviewed upon receipt. You will be contacted by our staff to discuss your project requirements, timelines, and resources.

Important Information

  • An online request form must be completed before work begins; this form helps you define your needs and audience(s) and ensures we are on target in strategizing the best solution.
  • Content must be final and approved before design begins because layout/design/format is based on and inspired by content and dictated by length (minor content, such as dates or room numbers, are an exception as long as we have placeholders).
  • When submitting the content/text, please prioritize the top three messages (in order of importance), such as the purpose, audience, and key messaging for the project.
  • Because UCM has many campus clients, we must limit the rounds of revisions and those revisions must be consolidated and submitted together (not separately by various people in your office) to avoid confusion and error.
  • All feedback should be clear, concise, and actionable. For example, "Please change photo" is not actionable. However, "Change photo to show a student working in a lab," is clear and specific and thus, actionable.
    Note: If feedback is not actionable, it will be disregarded in order to keep your project on schedule.
  • Two rounds of revisions are recommended; this will help avoid delays that may result in missing deadlines as well as additional, unnecessary expenses. Excessive revisions may necessitate that we set your project aside to complete other projects that are also under way.
  • Major changes to content once a project has been designed can affect the entire piece and require wholesale redesign, which will delay the project and, if freelanced, result in additional charges.
  • If feedback deadlines are not met, the project delivery date will automatically be delayed one day for each day missed so we can be fair to the needs of other clients whose projects are on schedule.
  • When new projects are added to the same client's queue, the delivery date will be dependent on existing projects. If a new project takes priority over one in progress, please notify us so we can review our production schedule. In this case, we will need new deadlines for each of your projects.

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