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Branding Aids

The Miami Brand

This guide outlines minimum identity standards required for University materials and logos and provides guidelines that show how to work with various elements of the brand (fonts, patterns, photography, etc.).

Logo (Beveled-M)

Miami's logo is available in both JPG and PDF formats for online and print communications.

Email Signature

Give your email signature some professional flaire by adding the Miami University logo. Including the logo as part of your email signature is a great way to show your pride and promote the brand. To do this for Gmail, follow these instructions.

Licensed Vendors and Retail Locations

The University has partnered with over 225 licensed vendors. These vendors can produce just about any product imaginable and distribute these products across the region.

PowerPoint Templates

These templates provide a ready framework to ensure that your PowerPoint presentation remains in brand.

Communicators' Forum

Led by UCM, these forums offer information on current marketing topics, special working group sessions, networking opportunities, and training and development for Miami's marketing and communications professionals. Collaborative subgroups are also available for a deeper dive into more targeted topics.

Service Requests

Photo/Video Assignment

To schedule the services of one of the photographers or the cinematographer in Marketing and Creative Services, please submit an assignment request for photo or video.

Creative Services

Learn more about the creative process and project requirements. You can submit a form to order print materials or request design or editorial services.

Blog Tools

Learn about Miami's blog tool, WordPress, request a new blog.



Our digital asset management system helps to coordinate photographs, images, video, and a variety of other document types to keep them sustainably organized, searchable, and available to the University and various constituencies. (Access to photos beyond those available for public use requires a registered account. Sign up for a free account.)

25Live Event Scheduling System

CollegeNET's 25Live provides one centralized calendar, scheduling system, and data repository for events at Miami. It is strongly recommended that each department, program, and center submit all of its public events to this calendar.

Web Communications

This information hub introduces Miami's Cascade Server CMS and provides a wealth of information on everything from preparing your site for migration to user instructions and training registration. Guides covering basic principles of web development are also available as well as access to our blog covering the campus-wide migration project, "Fixing the Web."

Digital Signage

Discover how to add digital signage to your marketing toolbox.

Email Communications

Emma is Miami's web-based platform for planning, designing, and optimizing targeted email campaigns. For more information on how you can use this tool for personal and timely marketing, please use the Emma request form.

Interview/Talent/Photo/Video Release (PDF 454KB)

Submission of this form grants to Miami certain rights in connection with the production and distribution of University publications.

Video Live Streaming

Tips and recommendations on how to live stream.

Find and Edit Images

Gain access to PhotoShelter to use images from our university photographers. Complete a tutorial for using—a free, web-based service for cropping and resizing images. Complete online training at your own pace [about 30-60 minutes of training time].

Self-Enroll in PhotoShelter/Pixlr Training