Senate News, September 23, 2019

Senators engaged in a discussion about the strategic plan, which was lead by Bob Applebaum and Julia Guichard. Cheryl Young,, Assistant Provost for Global Initiatives, discussed proposed changes to the International Education Committee.

The September 9, 2019 minutes were approved.

The following reports and minutes were received on the Consent Calendar:

  1. Curriculum

  2. Graduate Students - Registration – Dual Enrollment in Undergraduate Degree Programs – G.H. 1.2

  3. Graduate Students - Registration – Graduate Course Load for Part-Time and Post-Candidacy Students – G.H. 1.2 

  4. Graduate Students – Registration - Combined Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree

  5. Undergraduate Research Committee – Annual Report 

  6. Academic Policy Committee – Annual Report 

  7. MUDEC – Annual Report 

  8. Liberal Education Council – Annual Report

With the approval of the September 9, 2019, minutes, the following resolution was approved:

SR 20-01

September 9, 2019

BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED that University Senate endorse proposed revisions to the ByLaws of University Senate, 6.B.12.a, regarding Committee composition and membership of the Council for Undergraduate Curriculum, as set forth below:

6.B.12.a. The Council for Undergraduate Curriculum shall be composed of:

  • Six (6) faculty members one from each academic division.
  • At least one (1) of these faculty members shall be a member of University Senate; and at least one (1) shall represent the graduate faculty.
  • Two (2) undergraduate students.
  • One (1) graduate student.
  • Eight (8) ex officio nonvoting members:
    • One (1) representative from Academic Affairs.
    • One (1) representative of the Office of the University Registrar.
    • Six (6) divisional representatives one from each of the divisional academic deans’ office (typically, an associate dean).