Senate News, April 13, 2020


Today's meeting was a special Budget Symposium, featuring discussion lead by Provost Osborne and Sr. Vice President Creamer. The presentation focused on the knowns and the unknowns of our current environment and the budgetary challenges faced. Answers to questions previously submitted were provided.

Minutes of the University Senate meeting for April 6, 2020, were approved.

With the approval of the April 6, 2020, minutes, the following resolution was approved:

SR 20-14

April 6, 2020

BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED that University Senate adopts the following additional language to the Bylaws of University Senate, clarifying the role of Chair of Executive Committee of University Senate as University Senate Moderator, and extending the term of the Chair-Elect/Chair on Executive Committee of University Senate for one additional year as Past Chair.

6.B. STANDING COMMITTEES OF UNIVERSITY SENATE The standing committees have broad responsibilities and will conduct the continuing and regular business of University Senate.

6.B.1. The Executive Committee of University Senate

6.B.1.a. The Executive Committee of University Senate shall be composed of the Provost; four (4) faculty members of Senate elected by Senate, one (1) of whom shall be elected Chair-elect and one (1) of whom shall be Chair (having served as Chair-elect the previous year); the Past Chair of university senate (with non-voting status in the third year of service, unless elected to a new term following the year of service as Chair); one (1) undergraduate student who shall be the Student Body President; and one (1) graduate student who is a member of University Senate. The Secretary of University Senate shall serve as an ex officio non voting member of the Executive Committee.

6.B.1.b. The Chair of the Executive Committee of University Senate shall also serve as Vice-chair of University Senate. Chair of Executive Committee shall prepare a synopsis of University Senate deliberations and actions for transmission to the Board of Trustees on a regular basis as determined by the Senate Executive Committee. The Chair of Executive Committee, or a faculty member of the Executive Committee designated by the Chair, shall attend each public meeting of the Board of Trustees. Further, the Chair of the Executive Committee shall, in collaboration with the Chair of University Senate, moderate discussions in regularly scheduled senate meetings and retreats and motivate further discussion among senators and constituents through university senate committees, work to build community and trust within and between diverse constituencies, and guide the senate in taking necessary and deliberate action.


6.B.1.c. The members shall be elected for one-year terms, except for the Chair-elect who shall serve a twothree-year term – one as Chair-elect, and one as Chair, and one as Past Chair. If the Chair cannot complete his/her term, the Chair-elect shall assume the Chair's responsibilities. If the Chair-elect or other faculty member of the Executive Committee cannot complete his/her term, Senate shall conduct a special election to fill the position.