Senate News, March 22, 2021

Senate welcomed and heard from Dr. Jason Lane, Incoming Dean, College of Education, Health & Society. Senate heard a proposed Sense of the Senate resolution from Dr. Zevi Miller, Chair, Faculty Rights and Responsibilities regarding revising Miami’s Statement on Professional Ethics and Responsibilities. Additionally, Dr. Dana Cox and Senator Troy Travis presented Covid Ad-Hoc Committee Reports and lead a discussion that will continue at the April 5, 2021, meeting.

The following items were received on the Consent Calendar:

  1. Curriculum

  2. LEC meeting minutes - February 9, 2021

  3. GMP Redesign meeting minutes-February 12,2021 

  4. GMP Redesign meeting minutes-February 19, 2021

  5. Governance Committee meeting - March 1, 2021 

  6. Student Life Council Minutes - November 4, 2020 

  7. Student Life Council Minutes - February 10, 2021

  8. Graduate Council Minutes-February 2021

Minutes from the March 8, 2021, meeting of University Senate were approved. With the approval of the minutes, the following resolutions were approved:

SR 21-23

March 8, 2021

BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED that University Senate approves of the Graduate Student Research Fellowship Policy as outlined below:

Graduate Summer Research Fellowships

The purpose of Graduate Summer Research Fellowship is to provide financial support for full-time graduate students to engage in meaningful scholarly activities during a 6-week summer period. The summer research fellowship is intended for students who have no additional means of summer support during the six-week summer period (e.g., grant-funded assistantship; external, paid internships; teaching assignments, etc.). The awarding of these fellowships are subject to availability of funds.


To be eligible for a Graduate Summer Research Fellowship, a student must have fulfilled the following requirements:

  • Student held a full-time graduate assistantship, a residence hall personnel assistantship, or a dissertation scholarship for at least one full semester during the fall or spring semester preceding the summer research fellowship period.

  • Student completed at least nine (9) graduate credit hours in each of the two semesters prior to the summer research fellowship period.

  • Student has made satisfactory progress toward the graduate degree, including:

    • Met the Graduate School’s requirement of a 3.0 GPA

    • Met departmental milestones on time, including for example: plan of study, research proposal defense, and comprehensive exams, etc. The completion of milestones needs to be documented by the student’s department or program

  • Student must not be receiving additional Miami University funded support, from the following sources:

  • Externally-funded research assistantship that already pays the student in the summer

  • Full-time, paid external internship that already pays the student in the summer

  • Teaching course(s) in the summer and the student was paid for teaching the course(s)

  • Student must be engaged in meaningful activity as described below in Fellowship expectations

Time Limits

  • Master thesis-track (and specialist-track) students are eligible for a total of two years of summer support.

  • PhD candidates are eligible for a total of four years of summer support including their years as master’s degree candidates.

Maximum Number of Awards

Up to 300 graduate summer research fellowships will be awarded per academic year pending available funds.

Fellowship Expectations

The student must commit to a minimum of 6 weeks of full-time summer study for the activities described below:

  • Student must be engaged in one or more of the following meaningful activities over the summer they receive support:

    • Research activities related to degree requirements that will result in a publication, completion of thesis/dissertation and requirements, or provide preliminary data for grant applications

    • Mentoring of undergraduate students in research

    • Other important activities related to degree completion (e.g., unpaid internships)

  • Students must either:

    • For students whose degree programs encourage summer session credits, register for 0–9 credit thesis or dissertation hours during the first summer session.

    • Students who do not need summer session credits to graduate in a timely manner are encouraged to enroll in a 0 credit-hour internship or independent study (i.e., thesis or dissertation credits).

Note: Courses taken for P, S, and X grades count toward eligibility for the summer research fellowship; they are not, however, computed in students’ grade point averages. Students who receive F, U, or Y in such courses will not receive credit towards the summer research fellowship.

Through an online Graduate School form, students are required to submit a 1 paragraph description of what was accomplished to the Graduate School before the start of fall semester classes.

Full-Time Summer Study Defined 

Full time study for graduate students is defined as 20 hours per week to fulfill the fellowship expectations (see above).

Graduate Summer Research Fellowship Payments

Eligible students will receive $1,500 (if GA for 2 semesters) or $750 (if GA for 1 semester) for engaging in full-time study as defined by the Graduate School and their academic department.

Summer Research Fellowships will be paid on or before June 30th.

The Instructional Fee and out-of-state tuition surcharge (if applicable) for summer terms are waived for Graduate Summer Research Fellowship recipients. Therefore, the General Fee (reduced) and the Registration Fee must be paid at the time in which students register or are billed. If required in their courses, students must pay certain laboratory fees and artistic supply costs. All fees must be paid by the deadlines established by the One Stop to avoid cancellation of students’ registration and loss of their Graduate Summer Research Fellowship.

Processing of Graduate Summer Research Fellowships

Program-based ranked lists of all eligible students will be submitted to the Graduate School by May 1st. Based on availability of funds, each program will be notified as to the number of Graduate Summer Research Fellowships that will be awarded to that program. Late submissions of ranked lists will not be accepted.

Departments are required to verify the eligibility of students and fulfillment of expectations for the research fellowship. Departments may have to forfeit future research fellowships if they allow for the awarding of research fellowships to ineligible students.

SR 21-23 was approved 54 Yes; 1 No; 2 Abstentions

SR 21-24

March 8, 2021

BE IT HEREBY RESOLVED that University Senate approves of sunsetting dormant graduate programs, identified by the Graduate School as not having current, or accepting new, students and not having paperwork filed with the Higher Learning Commission nor with the Ohio Department of Education.

The programs below will work with the Graduate School and the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness to file the appropriate paperwork.


Name of Program Department/Division Chair/Contact Signature
MEd Adolescent Education EDT/EHS Brian Schultz

On File

MEd Elementary Math EDT/EHS Brian Schultz
MA Mass Communications MJF/CAS Bruce Drushell
MA Speech Communications MJF/CAS Bruce Drushell
MA Zoology BIO/CAS Tom Crist
MEd Elementary Education EDT/EHS Brian Schultz
MAT Elementary Education EDT/EHS Brian Schultz
MAT Political Science POL/CAS Bryan Marshall
MS Family Science FWS/EHS Kate Kuvalanka
PhD Political Science POL/CAS Bryan Marshall
PhD History HST/CAS Wietse DeBoer
PhD Zoology BIO/CAS Tom Crist

 SR 21-24 was approved 56 Yes; 1 Abstention