Miami Pathways Program Frequently Asked Questions

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Program Basics

What is the Miami Pathways program?

Pathways is a short-term, intensive learning program for students who have a solid academic record but who are not initially admitted to selective majors on Miami's main campus in Oxford. Through Oxford-based academic advising and mentoring students prepare for their successful transition to becoming full-time Oxford students beginning in the spring semester of their first year.

What campus will I attend for the fall semester?

Pathways students will attend classes on the Oxford campus in courses taught by Miami faculty who are based on our Regional campuses. 

Can I take online classes?

Except for courses that may be modified because of pandemic-related restrictions, participants must take in-person classes on the Oxford campus.

How many credits do I need to complete to gain full admission to the Oxford campus for the spring semester?

Pathways students need to complete 16 graded credit hours of non-remedial coursework with a minimum 2.00 GPA before gaining full admission to the Oxford campus.

Do AP credits count toward the 16 hours needed to relocate?

No. AP, CLEP, CCP/dual enrollment, or transfer credits do not count toward the 16 hours needed. All 16 hours must be taken at Miami following high school graduation.

Can I take a Winter Term class to complete the 16 hour requirement?

No. Pathways students must complete all qualifying requirements, including 16 semester credit hours with a minimum 2.00 GPA, by the end of the fall semester in order to gain full admission to Oxford for the spring semester.

How does tuition work?

In their first semester, Pathways students are charged regional campus tuition and Oxford campus housing, meal, and general fees. Beginning in the spring semester, after completing the Pathways requirements, students are charged Oxford tuition, housing, meal, and fees beginning.

Do I have to live in university housing on the Oxford campus?

Yes. Pathways students live in Oxford residence halls. Just like all first-year students on our Oxford campus, you can join a Living-Learning Community (LLC) — a group of students who live in the same residence hall and share interests related to their LLC theme. 

What happens if I do not successfully complete the Pathways requirements during the fall semester (16 graded credit hours with a minimum 2.00 GPA within the first semester and an acceptable conduct record)?

The Pathways Program is intended to be a one-semester transition program. Students who do not complete the Pathways requirements in their first semester may appeal their enrollment in the program and request a possible second semester to meet eligibility requirements. Those who complete the requirements in their first semester are expected to transition to be fully enrolled Oxford-based students. 

Academics and Facilities

Are there any restrictions on what majors can participate in the Pathways program?

Pathways is not available to Nursing and Farmer School of Business students. Students who want majors that are offered only at Miami Regionals are not eligible for Pathways.

What academic support will I receive?

Pathways students have access to the same academic support as all other Miami-Oxford students. They also have a Student Success Navigator in the Office of Exploratory Studies.

Will the students in my Pathways cohort take classes together?

Pathways students take some but not all classes together. 

Do I have to take the pre-registered cohort classes?

It is highly recommended that Pathways students take the pre-registered cohort classes, which allow them to build stronger relationships with the other Pathways students. If there is a justifiable reason that a Pathways student is unable to take a cohort class (such as already having AP credit for the class), they are not required to take that class. All Pathways students must take a Pathways section of the First Year Experience Course: UNV 101 in the fall semester.

When can I get my Miami Oxford ID card?

Pathways students receive a Miami ID card along with other new-to-Miami students, during orientation or move in. 

Will I have access to Miami University Oxford facilities?

Yes. Pathways students have full access to facilities in Oxford. 

Can I participate in activities on the Oxford campus?

Absolutely! Pathways students have participated in activities, such as: MU marching band, cheerleading, ROTC, glee club, and intramural sports.

Next Steps and Confirming

I am on the waitlist to be offered admission to the Oxford campus. Will confirming for Pathways hurt my chances for admission to the main campus?

No. Waitlisted students who accept offers to Pathways will remain on the waitlist and will be considered for full admission to Oxford should Miami admit any students from the waitlist.  

What is the process to register for the Pathways program?

Complete the online response form on your Applicant Status Page and complete the "Confirm Your Enrollment: First-Year Students" form no later than May 1. 

How much is the deposit to enroll in the Pathways program and when is it due?

A $425 deposit is due May 1. 

Who do I contact with questions about financial aid?

There are very specific policies and procedures for financial aid that are often unique for every student. Financial aid information can be found through the One Stop.

One Stop

Nellie Craig Walker Hall
301 S. Campus Avenue
Oxford, OH 45056
Phone: 513-529-0001
Fax: 513-529-0003

Preparing to Transition

How do I enroll for courses as a Pathways student?

A Pathways-specific advisor assists students with the necessary steps for enrollment and course registration. All Pathways students are required to take the First Year Experience Course: UNV 101 course in the fall. 

How do I enroll in courses after I've completed Pathways?

If requirements have been met, Pathways students will have full access to register for Oxford classes for the spring semester. They will meet individually with their Pathways advisor to plan their spring schedules and select classes.

Am I eligible to participate in fraternity/sorority recruitment?

Yes. To participate, students register online at the Fraternity and Sorority Life website. Eligibility requirements include: 2.50+ GPA, 12 credit hours completed, and full time student on the Oxford campus.