Sal'ye Commission Documents

Marina Salye looks over her papers.

Marina Yevgenyevna Salye (19 October 1934 – 21 March 2012) was a Russian geologist and a former deputy of the legislative assembly of Leningrad. She was also a people's deputy in the Congress of People's Deputies of the RSFSR until September 1993, when the congress was dissolved. Salye was one of the leaders of the radical pro-reform group called Radical Democrats.

In 1992, Marina Salye headed a special commission in St.Petersburg, which found that, on the basis of documents signed by Vladimir Putin, then chairman of the city's Foreign Relations Committee, the city had exported rare earth metals, oil products and other raw materials for over 100 million dollars. These were barter contracts. In return, the city, where there were food shortages, should have received deliveries of foodstuffs. But the foodstuffs never materialised. When the city council, on the recommendation of the special commission, passed a resolution to sack Putin, St Petersburg’s mayor refused to do so. Instead, he promoted him to be his deputy, and no investigation was carried out.

After Putin was elected president in 2000, Sal'ye dropped out of public life and moved to a remote village, saying she felt threatened by his power. But she took with her copies of all the documents collected by the special commission that substantiated their recommendation to remove Putin. She maintained her silence throughout Putin's first two terms as president. In 2010, however, she began giving interviews again. In March 2010 Salye signed the online anti-Putin manifesto of the Russian opposition "Putin must go." Shortly before her death, she had also joined the People's Freedom Party. Marina Sal'ye died of a heart attack in Ozero, Russia on March 21, 2012, two weeks after Putin was elected to his 3rd presidential term.

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Marina Sal'ye Obituary
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Scanned pages of Sal'ye's documents were published on Facebook  by friends of Marina Salye. We have consolidated these pages into documents and provide links to each of them below. All documents are in Russian and have been given a title in English that reflects the contents. We have uploaded these documents in order to prevent them from disappearing from the internet.

* Accessible versions of all documents available upon request