Pre-Med and Pre-Law

Anthropology as a Pre-Med Degree

Use Anthropology as a precursor or complement to a future in medicine. Our courses in medical anthropology and global health can provide you with unique resources for pursuing a future in health-related fields.

What Is Medical Anthropology?

Medical Anthropology is one of the fastest growing fields in the discipline. Check out this slide show for more information.

How Do I Prepare for Medical School?

Whether your pre-Med degree is in anthropology or zoology, every student must take certain key courses that will prepare them for medical study. For more information, visit Miami's Pre-Med advising page.

What Specific Classes Does Anthropology Offer for Pre-Med Students?

Our set of required core courses will ensure you get a broad introduction to the discipline of anthropology, while our "cluster" system of course organization will give you the flexibility to take classes that directly speak to your interests in medical anthropology and public health. Among these are:

  • ATH 348 Introduction to Medical Anthropology
  • ATH 368 Key Questions in Psychological Anthropology
  • ATH 378 Doctors, Clinics and Epidemics
  • ATH 448 Developing Solutions in Global Health

Anthropology as a Pre-Law Degree

Looking for a career in law? With its emphasis on how people act in the world, what happens when different kinds of people come into conflict, and how these conflicts are settled (or not), anthropology serves as a fantastic undergraduate basis for anyone on a path to law school. Register with Miami's pre-law center to make sure you are on track in preparing for law school.

"The top ten majors with the highest acceptance rates for law school include philosophy, anthropology, history and English." Forbes Magazine, Does Your Major Matter?

For more information, or to register as a pre-law student, contact Miami’s Pre-Law Program.