Students working on an exercise in the Archaeology lab

What Can I Do With An Anthropology Degree?

With the skills you develop as an anthropology major, you can enter various career fields. The study of people can lead to almost any career path, anywhere in the world, including education, health care, museum curation, social work, international development, government, human relations, non-profit management, marketing, publishing and forensics.

Anthropology majors from Miami have gone into a variety of careers, from business to public service to the professions of medicine, law, and teaching, to the fine arts.

Why Study Anthropology?

With roots in the physical sciences, social sciences, and humanities, anthropology is a quintessential liberal arts discipline. Is anthropology the best major for you?

Career Options for Anthropology Majors

What kind of jobs do anthropology majors pursue? Anthropology majors enter business careers, professional careers, and go to the top graduate schools. Learn more about careers in anthropology.

Job Resources

How do I find a job? It's a question almost every student, regardless of major, starts asking themselves. The Anthropology Department is committed to helping you find your answer to this question. How do I find a job with an Anthropology major?

Anthropology Alumni Career Paths

Anthropology majors at Miami have entered into a wide variety of careers. Check out some career paths of our alumni. They might surprise you!