Combined Bachelor's/M.S.

This program allows students at Miami to work toward a master's degree concurrently with their undergraduate degree. The combined program is intended to take 5 years, possibly 4 for students with considerable AP credit, instead of the 6 (or more) usually required to obtain a graduate degree. The M.S. degree is intended for students interested in careers in industrial R&D labs or teaching, or those wishing to strengthen applications for further graduate study.

Program Description

Obtaining a MS in Chemistry prepares individuals to pursue technical careers in Research and Development. Learning outcomes for students in our MS programs include demonstrated proficiency in the main disciplines of chemistry and biochemistry, in addition to specialized in-depth knowledge in at least one of the areas. The MS degree includes a combination of laboratory and literature research that is designed to meet the goals of the individual student. Some credits can be taken at the graduate level and double counted toward the bachelors degree, as specified by the Graduate School Handbook.

Undergraduate Preparation

Students must have passed one semester of (Bio)Physical Chemistry (CHM 451 or CHM 471) and be enrolled in the second semester (CHM 452 or CHM 472). If the student intends to complete a thesis, the student must have initiated undergraduate research and have support of undergraduate research mentor. This takes careful planning, so please contact your advisor as soon as possible if you are considering the combined degree program.

Declaration of Interest

Students may declare their interest in enrolling in a combined program anytime during their academic career at Miami, from the time they are admitted for an undergraduate degree.

Full Admission

Upon earning a minimum of 64 credit hours and having a cumulative GPA of 3.00 or greater, students may apply for admission to the combined program. Regular time-limits for completing the master’s degree apply to students in a combined program (see the Graduate School Handbook for more information). Students may be part time.

Application Procedures

If you are interested in the Bachelor's/M.S. program, you should speak to the program's advisor (Dr. Hagerman) as soon as possible. As part of this meeting you will work out a plan of study that will ensure that the degree requirements can be completed on time.

Then, complete the Graduate School online application and pay the $50 application fee. Be sure to check "combined program". Three letters of recommendation from faculty members must be submitted, including one from the research mentor if the student intends to complete a thesis. Questions about the application should be directed to the Chair of the Graduate Admissions Committee.