Students cheer on the Redhawks during a sporting event at Miami University.

Miami University Career Services

This page give you general information about Career Services at Miami University.

Miami University Career Services Classics Internships

This page lists various links and listings from Career Services that would pertain to internships focused on Classics, Classical Humanities, Latin, and Ancient Greek.

Miami University Art Museum Curatorial Internship

Internships available for Junior or Senior Art History (or relevant field of study) students at Miami University. Successful applicants will receive three credit hours for the unpaid internship. Two internships per semester are available and work period ranges from the first day to the last day of the semester. You will be expected to work 10 hours a week plus any volunteer hours. This semester-long internship includes research, writing, selecting objects for exhibitions, development of critical thinking skills, supervised handling of objects, learning about museum practices and possible meetings with artists and collectors. Students will learn about interpretation, thematic development of exhibitions, writing labels, text panel and gallery guide content, exhibition design, installation techniques and collection's management. This internship is a great resume builder for those who desire to pursue advanced degrees in art history, architecture, studio art, anthropology/archaeology, museum studies, or seeking positions in a museum or gallery following graduation. This internship can fulfill the requirements for ART391 Advance Research Methods or other departmental internships with permission. Contact Mr. Jason Shaiman, Curator of Exhibitions, for information and for an application.


Archaeology Internships

This site gives you various open positions for internships in archaeology around the world. Sites and locations change often, so check frequently!