The Rinderpest Campaigns: A Virus, Its Vaccines, and Global Development in the Twentieth Century

Amanda Kay McVety

book coverThe Rinderpest Campaigns is the first history of the international effort to eradicate rinderpest - a devastating cattle disease - which began in the 1940s and ended in 2011.  Rinderpest is the only other disease besides smallpox to have been eradicated, but very few people in the United States know about it, because it did not infect humans and never broke out in North America.  In other parts of the world, however, rinderpest was a serious economic and social burden and the struggle against it was a critical part of the effort to fight poverty and hunger globally.  This history of the campaigns against the virus expands our understanding of development, internationalism, and national ssecurity by showing how these concepts were framed not only by economic and political concerns, but also by biological and environmental ones.

Cambridge University Press, 2018.