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PSY 1 | Perspectives on Psychopathology

Uses a psychological perspective to consider the personal and interpersonal experience of psychopathology and to analyze the impact of psychopathology on society as a whole. Begins with a general examination of individual and social psychopathology and builds toward in-depth exploration of selected specific individual or social issues related to psychopathology.

PSY 2 | Patterns in Human Development

Throughout life, our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors change. How does our biological makeup interact with our physical and social surroundings to contribute to our actions and abilities? A scientific approach to developmental psychology requires us to think critically in examining theories and research and to understand the contexts in which we develop and the contexts in which theories and research are conducted. Engage with other learners as you reflect on ideas about why we develop the way we do. Such reflection provides an informed basis for acting on issues affecting children, youth, families, and elders.

PSY 5 | Cognition: Understanding and Improving Thought

Offers opportunity to reflect upon reasoning, those processes used to create, maintain, modify, and evaluate beliefs about the world. Begins by introducing the study of cognition within the discipline of psychology; the second course emphasizes specific cognitive processes (e.g., language) and methods and theories associated with their study; the third course offers an in-depth analysis of current theories and methods of studying cognition within a circumscribed topic area.


PSY 3, 4, and 6 are no longer being offered for new students


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