Faculty associates and students within the EEEB program have a wide range of research interests. Prospective students should review the research interests of faculty associates to identify a potential advisor.

Students in the EEEB program have access to excellent research equipment and facilities, both in the lab and in the field.

Research Videos

Aquatic Ecology

Students in the Vanni/Gonzalez Laboratory describe their aquatic ecology research that involves larval fish. [July 2014]

Aquatic Ecology Video Transcript

Microbial Ecology (MBI 475/575)

Dr. Rachael Morgan-Kiss and Dr. Annette Bollmann, Department of Microbiology, discuss the unique research opportunities provided to undergraduate and graduate students in Microbial Ecology (MBI 475/575). [Spring 2012]

Microbial Ecology (MBI 475/575) Video Transcript