A wide shot of the HIVE: Huge Immersive Virtual Environment. Text: Miamis Hive is the largest immersive virtual environment in the world

Location: Phillips Hall gymnasium

The HIVE (Huge Immersive Virtual Environment) is the largest physical space dedicated to virtual environments in the world. Around the perimeter of the gym are 3D motion trackers, which determine the position of users within the space. Users wear head-mounted virtual reality displays. As they move throughout the space, the 3D motion trackers report out to the software that the participants are moving through the virtual space.

Specifically, the lab features the following motion capture technology:

  • An 8-camera system from Vicon, Inc. Cameras can capture at 500 frames/sec. at full resolution.
  • Software, including
    • Vicon Nexus: Life sciences motion capture
    • Vicon Blade: Animation
    • Vicon Bodybuilder: Biomechanical modeling
    • Vicon Polygon: Interactive multimedia reports

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