19th century attired cast of an opera face forward and sing
A man holds a microphone and sings, surrounded by dancers in red dresses and white feather fans during a fundraiser concert
 A woman in housedress and apron sings sorrowfully as she looks at a figure on the floor, while surrounded by ghostly characters who seem to accuse her

Miami University Opera offers graduate and undergraduate students educational operatic experiences that strive for the highest artistic standards in all areas. The Opera program produces a wide variety of programming, including MainStage Operas, opera scenes programs and The Great American Songbook Project. Miami Opera offers students the opportunity to perform in main stage performances, opera scenes programs and musical cabarets.

The voice faculty carefully selects works that contribute to the development of young singers and mentors the process. Students receive coaching in their roles from a professional vocal coach in the semester preceding the performance and work with professional opera directors during the staging process.

Miami University Opera has been nationally recognized three times since 2007 by the National Opera Association for "Outstanding Collegiate Productions."


Undergraduate and Graduate students have the opportunity to assume mentored leadership positions in directing, conducting, marketing and producing. Auditions are open to all Miami students and occur in the spring semester of each academic year.

More information can be found at the Miami University Opera Theater organizational website.