Corporations utilize student talent

MTD Mower App senior design team

Last year, MTD sponsored a senior design team to 
create an app for their electric lawnmower

This year, several corporations have teamed up with the College of Engineering and Computing to sponsor senior design projects.

For CEC, this means that students are able to get real-world experience working for a client, and for the corporations, it means they can tap into the talent of the Miami University Class of 2018.

Lockheed Martin, in fact, is sponsoring a multi-disciplinary project across three of the four departments in CEC—the chemical, paper & biomedical engineering department (CPB), the electrical & computer engineering department (ECE), and mechanical & manufacturing engineering department (MME). These students are creating a liquid antenna for Lockheed Martin aircraft.

The Computer and Software Engineering (CSE) department is not left out, however. Two corporations are sponsoring projects in this department—Discovery Lab Global and the European American Chamber of Commerce.

Discovery Lab Global has asked its senior design team to create an app that teaches unemployed and homeless people job skills via a game. Users will earn points as they demonstrate their work ethic and new skills.

The European Chamber of Commerce, meanwhile, asked its team to create an interactive map of all the European companies in the Greater Cincinnati area. Users will be able to search and sort companies based on nationality, number of employees, industry, and other factors.

During the fall semester, the student design teams researched and developed potential solutions for their projects. In the spring they will prototype and test their products. All three of these projects are ongoing and will be presented on during the Senior Design Expo in May.

By Paige Smith