Andrew Paluch is recognized as an Emerging Investigator

Andrew Paluch, assistant professor in the chemical, paper, and biomedical engineering department, was recognized as an “Emerging Investigator” by the Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data.

Paluch at screen with student

Paluch working with a student in a lab

This article acknowledged the research completed by engineers that will be defining the field of chemical thermodynamics in the coming decades. The article hoped to inform readers about these “Emerging Investigators” to build interest in the findings that are still to come in this field.

Paluch was one of the 25 researchers to be recognized in this article, specifically for his work with identifying tools that will predict the “phase-equilibrium from knowledge of molecular structure”, the Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data explained.

Paluch’s research sheds insights into molecular density and the understanding of underlying molecular level interactions.

The Journal is excited about what Paluch and the other 24 researchers will contribute to chemical thermodynamics in the future with their continued research and findings.

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By Maggie Cavanaugh, Communications Reporter