Kode2Learn has their 5th annual Kode2Learn day for 3rd through 5th graders

While most students were preparing for Thanksgiving and returning, Kode2Learn was busy teaching children to code!

Kode2Learn is a student organization which organizes and runs events for children in the Oxford area to promote teamwork and to learn problem solving skills through the use of computer programing.

One of these events was Kode2Learn day which fell on November 17th from AM to PM. During this program, 3rd through 5th grade students arrived at Miami’s campus to learn more about computer programming, as well as, learn to work with others.

Kode2Learn children working

Children working together at Kode2Learn day!      

The children were able to play fun coding games, played with LittleBits and Lego Mindstorms, and doing problem solving activities. They were lead and helped by current Miami students in the organization that wanted to see the children grow in their creativity and problem solving skills. Kode2Learn develops these fun lessons in order for kids to spend less time typing on a computer and more time learning to code.

This was Kode2Learns 5th annual Kode2Learn day, and had around 32 kids in attendance. The kids were put in groups and rotated to different rooms around CEC  to learn different aspects of coding through the fun games developed by the Miami students. They were taught basic coding skills and principles that can help expose them to pursue a future career in a related field.

We love to see the impact of Kode2Learn, and we cannot wait for the next Kode2Learn Day!

To learn more about Kode2Learn and how your child could get involved, visit the organizations website at Kode2Learn.

By Maggie Cavanaugh, CEC Reporter