EWB receives a grant from the M.I.A.M.I Women's Giving Circle

Recently a CEC student won a M.I.A.M.I Women’s Giving Circle Grant for the Engineering Without Borders’ (EWB) Sustainable Engineering for Community Development in Rwanda project.

Michaela Mitchell and several other students of Miami’s chapter of EWB. The purpose of their project was to enhance the access of clean water and feminine hygiene products, as well as, improve sanitation at the local school in Muramba, Rwanda. This project provides opportunities for Miami students to design and implement engineering solutions under professional mentorship while becoming engaged, global citizens. This July-August of 2019 four of their students will travel with their professional engineering mentors to Rwanda to implement the next phase of the community development program.

Miami Women Presentation

Mitchell Presenting at Hawk Tank                                      

The team requested money to cover student travel costs to Rwanda for summer 2019 and materials and labor costs to continue our community development project with their partner communities in Muramba.

To receive funding, Mitchell first had to submit a substantial grant which outlined their project, how it applied to the foundation’s mission to mentor and invest in women, how it applies to Miami University’s mission, and what the money would be used for. Once accepted by the grant review committee, projects move one to “Hawk Tank” where Mitchell gave a fast pitch to the members of the Giving Circle (120 alumni, mostly women). This pitch is a three minute talk without any slides and two minute question and answer. The Giving circle ranks each presentation, and award the highest ranked presentation until the grant funds run out.

Mitchell and EWB were the 2nd highest ranked presentation by all 15 presenters, and Mitchell would like to thank the M.I.A.M.I Women’s Giving Circle members for voting for their project.

We are so proud of EWB and Mitchell for all they have accomplished. We cannot wait to see the impact that this grant will have on the communities in Rwanda!

By Maggie Cavanaugh, CEC Communications Reporter