Student wins travel grant to fund her study abroad to London this summer

A junior chemical engineering major recently received a grant to help her study abroad this summer term.

english speaking union

Image of the grant acceptance letter

Madeline LaBouf recently applied to The English Speaking Union Travel grant which is awarded to students who are studying or conducting research abroad. The goal of this grant is to be able to enhance the education and understanding of English-speaking people by helping them with travel expenses. The grant can be awarded to anyone involved in Business, Humanities, Science and Engineering, Liberal, Fine or Applied Arts, so long as they are studying/researching in the US or the British Commonwealth.

LaBouf was awarded a $500 grant to help cover her summer tuition as she is going to study abroad this summer in London, England.

To apply for the grant, LaBouf had to fill out an application that went into depth about her academic interests and her prospective travel plans for this summer. In the application, she had to write an essay about why she was applying for the grant, as well as submit two letters of recommendation with her application.

LaBouf suggests to other students planning on studying abroad to apply for this grant even if “you think there’s little chance of receiving it; [she] is very glad [she] chose to apply!”

We are so excited for LaBouf’s success and cannot wait to see what she is able to do abroad this summer.

By Maggie Cavanaugh, CEC Communications Reporter