EWB is honored with four SEAL Awards

Recently Engineers Without Borders (EWB) were awarded four SEAL awards for their leadership and hard work over the last year.

EWB Awards

All of the awards that EWB received                          

The Student Engagement and Leadership (SEAL) Awards is a recognition ceremony recognizing the dedication and hard work of various student organizations, as well as members and advisors of student organizations each year. Engineers Without Borders received Outstanding Multicultural Event for an Evening with Engineers Without Borders, the Rising Leader award for the Rwanda Program Manager Sophie Dent, the Student Leader of the Year award for the former Local Outreach chair Lexie Adams, and finally the Organization of the Year award.

Gillian Murphy, the Vice President of EWB, explained why EWB was able to stand out against other organizations on campus. “I think that EWB stood out from other organizations because we work extremely hard to stay true to our mission and vision of building a better world through engineering projects that empower communities to meet their basic human needs and equip leaders to solve the world's most pressing challenges.”

This great success does not stop EWB from furthering their success in the future. Through the diverse set of projects that EWB complete, EWB is able to have a further impact on communities worldwide. “EWB is always working hard to not only improve international communities, but also our campus and local communities. We are currently working with Zero Waste Oxford to create compost bins for the Miami University Institute for Food Farm,” explained Murphy. We cannot wait to see the continued positive impact that EWB shows through all their hard work.

Murphy wanted to thank EWB’s mentors for their constant support, and without their guidance these awards would not be possible

By Maggie Cavanaugh, CEC Communications Reporter