The CPB department is expanding!

This semester, the Department of Chemical, Paper and Biomedical Engineering will be expanding their lab space to Hughes Hall. One of the new CEC labs in Hughes Hall being worked on

The open concept space will be a change for both faculty and students, compared to the numerous smaller laboratories they are used to working in.

“It was an opportunity to put together faculty with an interest in biology,” Dr. Keith Hohn, chair of the CPB department, said. “It’s a chance to get them in a shared space.”

The four faculty members that will be making the move are Dr. Justin Saul, Dr. Jason Berberich, Dr. Andrew Jones and Dr. Jason Boock.

“I am looking forward to the collaborativeness of the new space,” Dr. Boock said. “It will allow for greater sharing of resources and ideas, as well as for students to learn from each other.”

The move will place CEC and CAS faculty in the same lab, creating an interdisciplinary environment. This will promote better projects, researcher development and collaboration.

By Jenna Calderón, CEC Reporter