Improving Access, Opportunity, and Outcomes

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The Discovery Center was founded on two principles that continue to fuel our passion for our work. We seek to improve teaching and learning with specific attention to teaching and learning in STEM disciplines (science, mathematics, engineering, technology and computing education). Simultaneously, we seek to improve access, opportunity, and outcomes for all learners.

We contribute to equitable access, opportunity, and outcomes for learners by conducting research, assessment, and evaluation of education initiatives in Ohio and across the US with explicit attention to project/program impact on and effectiveness for individuals from diverse backgrounds. Among our projects, we promote consideration of persons from groups historically underserved and underrepresented in STEM education and STEM disciplines, including women, individuals of color, persons with disabilities, first-generation college students, and those from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds. 

STEM Activity

Areas of Focus

Equity in STEM Education and Careers

  • Evaluation of Leadership, Empowerment, and Advancement for STEM Women Faculty (LEAF) (NSF/ADVANCE)

College and Career Readiness

Non-Academic Barriers to Learning

Elementary and Secondary STEM Education

  • Evaluation of Targeted MSP: The University of Buffalo/Buffalo Public Schools Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Partnership (NSF/MSP)

Program Evaluation

  • Evaluation of the BioXFEL Center: Biology with X-Ray Lasers (NSF/STC)