Improving Teaching and Learning

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The Discovery Center was founded on two principles that continue to fuel our passion for our work. We seek to improve teaching and learning with specific attention to teaching and learning in STEM disciplines (science, mathematics, engineering, technology and computing education). Simultaneously, we seek to improve access, opportunity, and outcomes for all learners.

We contribute to improvement of STEM teaching and learning by conducting research, assessment, and evaluation of STEM and STEM-related education initiatives in Ohio and across the US, and by developing and delivering sustained, high-quality teacher learning experiences for Ohio teachers. While each of our project partnerships is unique, our commitment to collaboration and application of extensive skill, knowledge, and experience maintains our focus on big-picture challenges and opportunities for improvement of STEM learning across contexts.

Knowledge Center

Areas of Focus

Teacher Preparation, Induction, and Development

Mathematics Professional Development

  • “A New Goal for K-2 Classrooms Ohio’s New Learning Standards,” Washington Court House City Schools
  • “Extending CCSSM Classroom Practices and Content Teaching in the K-2 Classroom,” Washington Court House City Schools

Science Professional Development

  • Evaluation of iDiscovery: Professional Development Through Web-Based Learning Communities (ODHE/ITQ)

Inquiry and Nature Science

Program Evaluation

  • Evaluation of Ohio Mathematics & Science Partnership Cross-Project Evaluation (ODE/MSP)