Engagement Experiences

Independent Study

Undergraduate: KNH 177, 177R, 277, 277R, 377, 377R, 477, 477R

Graduate: KNH 600, 620, 700

Independent study is a course taken with ongoing supervision by the instructor for rigorous learning and knowledge enhancement in a particular area of interest beyond the courses offered. Enrollment in an independent study becomes part of the student’s academic load.  With permission of the instructor, students may register for zero to six credit hours each semester with no more than a total of ten credit hours per academic year.

KNH requires two forms to be completed upon discussion with your faculty supervisor regarding the title of your independent study, the tasks you will be completing, evaluation weightings, and the rationale for your independent study.  Incomplete forms will not be processed.

The forms can be located at KNH Students on MyMiami under the forms tab or with your Faculty Supervisor. https://mymiami.miamioh.edu/web/knh-students1/petitions

Internships via Handshake

Undergraduate: KNH 340, 420, 420G

Graduate: 610, 640

An internship is an opportunity that combines learning with work and offers a unique experience for career exploration. The essential component is that as you are working, you have structured and intentional objectives to learn about a career field. An internship or related experience can help you decide whether that field is really for you.  Enrollment in an internship becomes part of your academic load.

Center for Career Exploration and Success

Homepage: https://miamioh.edu/emss/offices/career-center/index.html 

“Connect” to dropdown “Internships”


You’ve got your Internship, now what?  You initiate your request online at the Center for Career Exploration and Success website.