Student Teaching in Belize

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You’ll experience a remarkable teaching experience in the tropics of Central America where you will teach in parochial and government schools. Classes are taught in English, however the curricula are locally-developed. The country is filled with cultural diversity and many residents speak Creole in addition to English.

Cost and program details: 8 weeks student teaching locally followed by 8 weeks in Belize during the Fall semester only. Food and travel will be your primary expenses. A developing country, students will be exposed to unique experiences in under-resourced classrooms.

Opportunities: In every direction students will find a variety of cultural experiences. To the east is the Caribbean while to the south and west are Mayan and Incan ruins, caves and jungles.


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Weather: Hot and humid with frequent tropical showers.

Cost Comparison:

Expenses Oxford Campus Belize
Register for: 15 hours undergraduate/12 hours graduate Regular tuition Tuition plus $1200 fee for student teaching abroad
Housing $500-800 range Approx. $150 USD/week with host families
Flight/transportation to and from Oxford Varies per student $800-$1000 round trip
Travel while abroad   Varies per student but approximately $500-$800/month
Food/meal plan Depends on meal plan- approx. $2500/ semester Most students report approximately $1000/semester
Clothing/dress code Business casual Business casual
Teaching supplies Minimal- per student choice School supplies are exceptionally limited in Belize.
Insurance/health care Parent's health plan or student health insurance HTH International Student Insurance- Approx. $10.50/week
Passport/Visa None $100- Passport
Medical Tetanus shot, other shots as needed Check with Student Health Services re. tropical travel