EHS Podcast Now Available on iTunes

Reframe, the official podcast of Miami University’s College of Education, Health and Society (EHS), is now available through the iTunes Store, Apple’s prominent media platform that allows listeners to discover and subscribe to a vast catalogue of content. As one of the largest online stores of digital media, iTunes lets users easily stream or download podcasts through a computer or a variety of digital devices.

As podcasting continues to gain momentum, people all around the world now rely on its popular episodic audio format to hear different opinions, learn new information, and to explore original ideas. These particular characteristics make podcasting an ideal medium for EHS, and they also underscore the podcast’s name, Reframe, which is a direct reference to the novel perspectives and concepts it offers.

“The podcast supports the vision and mission of EHS, which is about transforming the lives of others in positive and meaningful ways,” says EHS Dean Michael E. Dantley. “And that often means trying to understand other viewpoints and accepting new ideas, especially when talking about issues that can involve race and diversity, community and civic engagement, and better ways to promote wellbeing. So it’s about continually reevaluating, or ‘reframing,’ our worldview as we work toward a more progressive and equal society.” Reframe Podcast Logo

With dozens of episodes already produced, Reframe has featured stories that highlight the importance of a unique community-based partnership between EHS students and local high-needs urban schools, why courtroom custody battles are becoming a serious issue for many transgender children and their families, and how the disconnect between schools and politicians is creating a broken educational policy system.

Other topics have included the growing importance of teaching STEM to young learners, a new theory that explores the interconnected intricacies of family dynamics, the benefits of building a community garden in a low-income neighborhood, and much more.

“We really explore all the exceptional work being done across EHS,” says James Loy, podcast host and producer. “Sometimes that means having in-depth interviews with professors and students to learn about their work. Sometimes it’s a story that comes to us from alumni who have helped improved their communities or who have made exciting advancements in their field. We want to tell those inspiring stories that happen both inside and outside of Miami University.”

The popularity and accessibility of iTunes will help EHS continue to reach a global audience of listeners, especially those who are passionate about making a positive difference. The podcast will also serve as a bridge between a variety of academic concepts and an array of innovative research studies, partnerships, and applied techniques that can impact society in practical and meaningful ways. 

“We’ve already had a great response to the podcast so far,” Loy says. “And we are really excited to take this next step. The podcast is helping to improve our connection with students and alumni and those who might already be familiar with the work of EHS. But it will also help us continue to share the EHS vision and mission with many new listeners as well.”

Reframe is also available on SoundCloud and through the EHS news site.