Miami Students Selected to Attend Inaugural Diversity and Inclusion Event for Major League Baseball

James M. Loy, Miami University

It takes a lot more than just the players for Major League Baseball (MLB) to build a winning season. On and off the field, success also depends on a great diversity of roles and talents.

However, the idea of diversity itself hasn’t always received the attention its deserved. Because in this sport, most MLB coaches, scouts, trainers, and umpires have historically been almost exclusively men.

But this is starting to change. And recently, a group of Miami University kinesiology and health students including Lexi Ross, Macy McHale, Lauren Anderson, and McKenna Arras all took part in MLB’s inaugural Take the Field event to help support this transition.

“They had to apply to participate, and only 60 women from across the country were chosen,” said Callie Maddox, Miami University assistant professor of kinesiology and health. “I was very proud of the way our students represented Miami at this event.”

“By participating in this program, our students really are trail blazers,” Maddox added.

As a pioneering initiative designed to increase opportunities for women to work in baseball, Take the Field unfolded throughout two days of diversity and inclusion workshops to encourage more specializations in coaching, scouting, training, and umpiring in particular. 

Attendees also learned about various analytical and business operations, while networking with other professionals.

“I had the opportunity to hear from many significant females who currently work in the MLB, about how they got to the position they are currently in,” McHale said. “I also enjoyed this event because it included a very diverse group of attendees, which allowed me to build more unique connections and learn about more people’s experiences in the sport industry.” 

The students expressed their appreciation for the insights they gained into the realities of finding a job and working within the industry as well.

“I learned a lot about the nature of landing a position with a major league team,” said Anderson. “It is all getting your face and name out there, and working your butt off once you’re in. The most important thing I learned from this conference is to have unwavering confidence in yourself and pair it with a tireless work ethic if you want to make it in professional sports.”