Miami University Debuts New Student-Centered Podcast Major Insight

Jacob Bruggeman, Host of Major Insight
Jacob Bruggeman, Host of Major Insight

OXFORD, OHIO, April 11, 2019 -- Miami University announces the launch of an official new podcast, Major Insight, which explores what college students can achieve when ambition meets opportunity.

Produced in collaboration with Miami’s Reframe podcast, Major Insight features stories behind the success of highly motivated students, their promising new research, and its relevance in our world.

Hosted by Miami honors student Jacob Bruggeman, each episode gives listeners an insightful look into how students are navigating 21st century academic life. Bruggeman’s interviews highlight the personal journeys of each guest, as well as their contributions to a variety of fields.

“Too often, students see research as something ‘other students’ do, or something that’s time-consuming and ‘not for me.’ Research is for everyone. It can be scaled to your availability, interests, and course load. Major Insight makes this clear. Prospective and current students alike should listen to better understand how every student can transform a subject into a passion."

Emily Tatum Emily Tatum The first episode is available now. It features accomplished Miami senior Emily Tatum, who describes how her university experiences helped transform her personal interests into internships with the Pentagon and the U.S. Department of State, her research on U.S. foreign policy, and more.

According to James Loy, Major Insight producer and Reframe host, Major Insight will resonate with listeners on several levels.

“There many current students, prospective students, and even parents who want to get the most out of the college experience,” Loy said. “So this podcast can serve as a guide, or a roadmap, by introducing listeners to the endless variety of opportunities that are available in higher education. It’s also been inspirational to hear how these Miami students have accomplished so much, so quickly. So the podcast is also a really interesting glimpse into the young minds who are excited to make an equally powerful impact out in the world.”

Major Insight is available on Apple Podcasts and Google Play Music.