New Season, New Host for Major Insight Podcast at Miami University

The 2020 spring semester marks an all new season of Major Insight, Miami University’s official student-centered podcast featuring the personal journeys and academic achievements of highly accomplished students.

This new season also welcomes a new host, Miami honors student Peter Everett, who will use the podcast as a platform to help current and prospective students and parents get a clearer sense of how the college experience can develop in positive and productive ways.

"So many students, especially incoming students, feel lost or unsure about how their college education can apply or inform their futures,” Everett says. “Major Insight helps provide students with a road map, or at least the inspiration, to find their way by hearing about the experiences of others. This podcast is about telling those kinds of stories.”

These stories unfold over conversations with students who talk about choosing a major, finding strong faculty mentorship, completing innovative research projects, navigating campus life, their plans after graduation, and more.

Peter and Jacob

The first season of Major Insight already includes numerous episodes with the original student-host, Jacob Bruggeman, who passed on his role to Everett during a special season premiere, which discussed the value of studying the humanities as a way to succeed in college and in life.

“Peter will be an excellent host,” Bruggeman says. “I know that the podcast is in good hands, and I'll look forward to listening to future episodes.” 

James Loy, Major Insight producer, also echoed Bruggeman sentiments about this new chapter.

“We’ve already met so many inspiring and focused students who have such clear ideas of who they are, who they want to become, and how they hope to influence their chosen careers and fields,” Loy says. “Now we’re excited to highlight many more of these amazing stories by continuing to showcase the full breadth and depth and quality of experiences found all across this campus.”

Major Insight can be heard on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and wherever podcasts are found.