Major Insight Podcast Welcomes New Miami University Student Host for Season 3

Jason Meggyesy

Major Insight, Miami University’s official student-centered podcast, returns with a new host and a new season. This fall, season 3 will continue to focus on the life-changing potential of college by highlighting the student journeys of those who are already successfully navigating 21st century university life.

The new season will also welcome Jason Meggyesy ’22 as the new host of Major Insight. Meggyesy, a strategic communication and sport leadership and management double major, will assume hosting responsibilities from Peter Everett ’21, who graduated this spring.

“This project is amazing and I am so excited to be a part of it,” says Meggyesy. “We are bringing majors to life with this podcast. Whether you’re a senior in high school still unsure on where to attend school, or you’re a current student looking for a new opportunity, Major Insight is a great way to show off all of the diverse opportunities that college offers.”

With so many academic fields, career options, and campus activities to choose from, many current and prospective students and parents often face uncertainty around making informed personal decisions before deciding on the best path forward.

Major Insight helps alleviate these challenges by providing an insightful and illuminating roadmap for anyone hoping to get the most out of college.

Each episode features authentic conversations with accomplished students who talk about how they chose a major, found faculty mentorship, completed innovative research projects, and landed key internships, as well as how they conquered a variety of common fears, their plans after graduation, and more.

And because college is also a time of personal growth and change, the podcast also gives listeners an inspiring glimpse into the young minds who are excited to make an impact on the world.

“We have an opportunity to showcase incredible Miami students, and give them a platform to speak on their experiences,” Meggyesy says. “Having these conversations with my peers who are doing amazing things is another reason I am so excited. Through this project, I hope broaden my idea of what the college experience actually is and build some new connections along the way.”

Season 3 will launch this fall. However, Meggyesy’s first episode with departing host Peter Everett is available now. A full catalogue previous episodes is also available on Spotify, on Apple Podcasts, and wherever podcasts are found.