Dean Smith wins 2021 Chiropractor of the Year Award

Dean Smith

Dean Smith has not only combined his passion for chiropractic, education and research into a positive career, this individual has also impacted students, peers and our association along the way. As the host of a podcast on chiropractic science and research, part of his mission is to get the word out about chiropractic to the masses including chiropractors, other healthcare professionals, and patients by interviewing experts in chiropractic research. In addition, he has captured important personal interviews about chiropractic so that the historical perspective of those that have paved the way before us is not lost. As a chiropractor, he incorporates lifestyle intervention with chiropractic adjustments and other manual methods to encourage optimal wellness, helping countless adults and children. As a professor at Miami University he educates future healthcare providers in many disciplines. His personal research investigates the effects of chiropractic care and corrective exercise on human performance. In addition, he uses his expertise by volunteering his time with the newly formed OSCA PERC committee to benefit chiropractic in Ohio.