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Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual Recruiting Events

Why is CCES hosting virtual recruiting events this spring?

Large in-person gatherings where it is difficult for individuals to remain spaced at least 6 feet apart and attendees travel from outside the local area present the highest risk for the spread of COVID-19 according to the Center for Disease Control. In addition, travel restrictions associated with COVID-19 prevent some employers from traveling to campus. Additionally, some students are studying remotely and therefore not able to attend the live events. Offering virtual recruiting events provides our students with equal access to employers. 

What platform will be used to host the spring fair?

Handshake has developed a virtual career fair that will maintain the value of in-person fairs while redefining the experience in a virtual setting. The virtual career fair features will deliver a personal, efficient experience for students and employers. Students and employers will have access to video, audio and text-based chat during these meetings, enabling the personal connection of in-person fairs in a virtual, accessible setting. Employers will be able to see student profiles and public resumes, as well as message the students they engage at the fair, making it easy to prepare for and follow up on all of their sessions.

What kind of support is offered to students and employers?

In addition to pre-recorded webinars provided by Handshake, the CCES team will host training sessions for both students and employers, well in advance of the Fall Career & Internship Week. Additionally, members of the team will be available to respond to questions during the events.

What are the plans for On Campus Interviews?

This fall, all on campus interviews will be conducted virtually. CCES has space available for students to reserve on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • To reserve an Interview Room:
  • Scroll down to “Interview Room Reservation”
  • Select a date and time appropriate.
  • If a student needs more than a one hour block, they will need to schedule another appointment (max 2 hours).

We strongly encourage that employers continue to use Handshake to facilitate the scheduling of these events. Please contact Crissy Jessie, Recruiting Coordinator (, for additional assistance.

Registration and Scheduling

What are the group sessions about/why should I attend them?

Group sessions are a good way to gain a deeper understanding of the company. Attending a group session first will help you get used to the platform so that you are more relaxed for a one-on-one session.

How can I differentiate myself in a group setting?

Be engaged and ask a few intelligent and thoughtful questions without being overbearing. Follow up with the session leader with an additional question or a thank you note.

Why won’t it let me sign up for a slot?

You may not fit the qualifications that the employer has set, such as a minimum GPA or a specific major. Ensure you are not creating scheduling conflict. You may only attend one session at a time.

What if there are no sessions for which I am eligible?

If you are unable to attend any one-on-one sessions due to qualifications set by employers, attend group sessions. You can also send an email to the recruiter explaining your situation and ask for resources or an opportunity to connect.

Employer Interactions

What if I live in a different time zone?

All schedules are made and executed in EST. Each fair will occur from 1–5pm, EST. Please translate to your time zone as needed.

How do I give them my resume?

Upload your resume to your Handshake profile before registering for the event. Employers will be able to pull your resume and other information from your Handshake profile.

How do I request a business card or send a thank you message?

In the closing of your time slot, ask the interviewer for contact information. You should also be able to send them a direct message within the Handshake platform.

How do I fill the full 10 minute time slot?

  • Elevator pitch
  • Ask questions!
    • Open positions and their requirements
    • Company atmosphere
    • Recruiter's career path
  • Find common ground
  • Outline your unique and applicable experiences
  • Ask about community service or inclusion initiatives or health initiatives that you are passionate about


Should I have a headset/microphone?

Test your audio (speakers, headset, microphone, etc.) beforehand! If you are in the space with someone else or in a large space with an echo, try to find a headset/headphones. You may want to have a back-up set or an alternate plan in case of technical issues.

What if I am disconnected during a session?

Once reconnected, reach out to the recruiter and apologize. Briefly explain the issue and ask if there is another way to connect.

What if I have computer issues?

  • You can log into a session 10 minutes early to test audio and visual capabilities.
  • Test your network connection:
  • Use Chrome, Firefox, or Safari (Internet Explorer is not recommended)
  • Close out of excess tabs
  • Check your speakers, microphone, and video playing capabilities on another platform
  • Refresh the page
  • Restart your browser
  • Confirm that you've granted permission on your browser for audio and video
  • Try a different browser
  • Restart your device
  • If you are disconnected during your session, reconnect and reach out to the recruiter to apologize. Briefly explain the issue and ask if there is another way to connect.