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Obtaining Course Transfer Credit

The Management Department receives many requests for approval to count a course from somewhere else as one of our courses. For courses at colleges and universities in the U.S. we use Go to and if a course is listed as approved, it will automatically be approved. For courses you would like to take studying abroad, for courses not on, and for courses you are proposing from non-U.S. universities, follow the following process:

1. You must provide proof of AACSB accreditation of School.

2. You must provide a completed course transfer credit approval form (available in the FSB Advising Office).

3. You must provide a hard copy of the course syllabus AND a link to the University’s website that contains the original copy of the syllabus. The syllabus must contain text and readings info, grading policies, assignments, a class schedule showing hours met and time devoted to each topic. The syllabus submitted must be the official syllabus published by the university. IT MAY NOT BE A TRANSLATION OR RE-CREATION. It must match the syllabus on the website. If the syllabus is in a language other than English, it must be submitted as-is and we will have it translated. Falsifying information submitted for transfer credit will be considered a serious academic dishonesty violation.

4. Submit materials to the Management Department Office, 3056 FSB

We do not make preliminary judgments or recommendations. We do not review multiple courses to see what fits best. It is your responsibility to review the courses and decide which one to propose. We make only final decisions based on submission of the complete set of materials. Positive outcomes require that the course being proposed have at least a 60% content overlap with the Miami University course.