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Accounting and Tax Policy

Asian Financial Markets

Romanesque pillars with Capitol and surrounding buildings visible in distance

Go beyond the classroom to meet with policy makers in Washington, D.C. and experience first-hand how and why the field of accounting and financial reporting functions as it does.


ACC 490 (3)

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Financial district buildings

Explore at least three Asian cities and learn from major corporations leading the Asian financial markets.


FIN 417 (3)
BUS 420 (3)

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Brewing Industry Field Study

Business and Conversational Spanish in Argentina

A man tends to a brewing vat

Take a deep dive into one of the largest, most dynamic industries out there as we visit over 40 breweries, hop farms, yeast labs, packaging and equipment manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and industry groups on a cross-country tour of industry hot-spots in Colorado, Florida, and North Carolina.


Choose Two:
MGT 495/ESP 490 (3)
MGT 490 (3)
MKT 415 (3)

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government building and monument in Argentina

Experience Argentina from the mountains of Patagonia to the metropolis of Buenos Aires, while taking Spanish courses focused on practical speaking skills for daily conversation and doing business in Latin America.


SPN 317 (3)

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Center for Business Leadership (CBL) Emerging Leaders Consulting Experience

Creative Entrepreneurial Consulting

Chicago skyline at night

Develop your personal and professional leadership skills through this program that has students confronting challenges and achieving strategic objectives of organizations throughout Chicago.


ACC 490 (3)

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Golden Gate Bridge seen from a hill covered with spring flowers

In this program, students will meet with some of the world's leading creatives and innovative companies in San Francisco to immerse themselves in new ways of thinking and team up to tackle client projects.


ESP 461 (3)

Learn More: Entrepreneurial Consulting


London and Dublin

Business district in Milan

Engage with local culture and develop marketing strategies that speak to a global audience. Visit both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, enjoy cultural tours and excursions, and engage with local consumers.


BUS 420 (3) and one of these:
MKT 291 (3)
MGT 302 (3)

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London skyline and River Thames

Compare and contrast the way business is conducted in two major European locations—London and Dublin. Explore the issues that arise from Brexit. Visit financial hubs and law centers, enjoy cultural tours and excursions, and engage with local consumers.


BUS 420 (3) and one of these:
BLS 342 (3)
FIN 301 (3)

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Sport, Management, and Culture in the Global Marketplace in New Zealand

Business district in Valencia, Spain

Engage with local consumers while gaining exposure to the culture and learning how business is conducted in this part of the European Union.


BUS 420 (3) and one of these:
ISA 235 (3)
MKT 486 (3)
MGT 291 (3)

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New Zealand skyline as seen from harbor

Sail, surf, and street luge to experience sports in New Zealand. Students will also meet with industry leaders while being immersed in the global and local complexities of the New Zealand sport industry.


KNH/SLM 448 (3)
KNH/SLM 446 (3)


Wall Street Week

Colorful screens and buildings in Times Square

Do you have an interest in a career as an equity research analyst? Join this program to gain real-world experience in equity analysis while immersed in the bustling financial hub of New York City!


FIN 320 (3)

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