MiamiConnects: Virtual Global Learning

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MiamiConnects offers fully collaborative and online workshops that allow you to engage with different kinds of communities, offering a deep dive into another culture.

Becoming a Global Citizen

Man in ceremonial costume, Malaysia

This course introduces you to culture-general frameworks and specific strategies for communicating, building emotional resilience, and adjusting perspectives necessary for respecting and interacting with people from different cultural backgrounds. Reflect on what it means to cross cultures and to become a global citizen by creating a personalized development plan that encourages you to explore your own identity and personal biases while articulating your global skills and attitudes for their future careers.

MiamiConnects @Malaysia

Srimariman Temple deities

Get to know the country and cultures of Malaysia. Readings, lectures, and assignments will provide the historic context to understanding modern challenges faced in this multicultural country. In collaboration with a local partner institution students will engage directly with Malaysian faculty and students throughout the course and will have the opportunity to participate in cultural exchange – addressing questions Malaysian students have about life in the United States while they learn about Malaysia.

MiamiConnects @Immigration in Central America and the US

MiamiConnects @Tech in Kenya

Main square Copan Ruinas City, Honduras

Explore and analyze the complicated story surrounding today’s headlines. DACA , “build the wall,” the roots of transnational gangs, asylum laws, and more will be explored to get a deeper understanding of complex problems. Students in this course will interact virtually with people all along the route of human migration from Honduras to home.

Telecommunications center, Rift Valley, Kenya

The digital payment system has had a revolutionary impact in lifting people out of poverty. This technological revolution has earned Kenya the moniker of Africa’s "Silicon Savannah." Examine the emergence of digital financial innovations in East Africa using mobile technology to facilitate financial inclusion of people at the so-called bottom of the pyramid (BOP). Students will have an opportunity to conduct virtual tours of innovation facilities and interact with users, entrepreneurs, policy makers, and scholars in East Africa to better understand the potential of technology in addressing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).