Medical Requirements for New Students

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Medical Form

Ohio state law requires proof that you have been vaccinated against various diseases. All students, including U.S. citizens, are required to submit a medical forms as proof of immunization. You will be scheduled for a time to visit the Student Health Services during orientation to check medical records and submit your medical forms.

You must bring documentation of your vaccinations with you in order to be able to complete the process. For a complete list of required vaccinations, please view the list of immunizations. If you require any additional vaccinations, you will be able to obtain them through Student Health Services on campus.

If you do not complete required immunizations before arrival, you will be scheduled to receive required immunizations during your orientation health checkup. Insurance covers routine/mandatory vaccines at no charge to the patient. For questions regarding the Medical Form or immunizations, please contact Health Service at

Tuberculosis (TB) Test

In addition to providing proof of immunizations, U.S. law requires that all international students be tested by a U.S. doctor for tuberculosis (TB). You will need to have your TB blood test done at Student Health Services shortly after your arrival. TB test schedule will be shared as part of the orientation program.

Note: TB documentation from outside of the United States will not be accepted. All students must complete the TB blood test at student health services upon arrival. Failure to complete your medical form and TB test may result in the delay and/or withdrawal of your course registration.

During your time at Miami, you may receive notification about on-going TB testing if you travel out of the U.S. for over 6 weeks.

If you have any questions concerning state and university requirements for TB testing requirements, please contact Health Service at

Parental Consent Form

Students under the age of 18: Ohio state law requires parental consent for all medical evaluation and/or treatment. Miami University’s Student Health Services requires students under the age of 18 to have a Parental Consent form signed by a parent/guardian so that the student may receive medical evaluation/treatment. Open the Parent Consent form and have a parent/guardian sign the form and bring the signed form to Student Health Services upon your arrival.