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Progress Not Perfection: Dr. Jay Smart Talks Writing & Researching During COVID
Dr. Jay Smart has leaned on a "progress not perfection" approach to writing in his Smart Postural Control & Coordination Lab (SPoCC). He recently recorded a YouTube video, adapted from a workshop delivered for the HCWE, detailing his process, including how he coordinates research report writing within a team of about a dozen graduate and undergraduate students.
Enter the Spring 2021 HWC Poetry Contest
Calling all Miami writers! In celebration of April's National Poetry Month, the Howe Writing Center (HWC) is hosting a poetry contest focused on the theme "Hope and Rebirth."
Caitlin Martin Helps Miami Instructors Design Assessments for Deep Learning
The 3-part workshop series focused on "authentic" assessment and how to create it in your classroom and program. Attendees reflected on assessments not as barriers for gatekeeping but as bridges that help us understand if students are learning what we really want them to learn.
The CCARIT: a New CTE/HCWE Tool to Help You Create High Quality Assessment
Designing quality assessments is not easy, but the CTE and HCWE have created a tool that can help. It's called the CCARIT (Comprehensive Course Assessment Review and Improvement Tool). Participants at a J-term workshop were the first in the Miami community to try it out.
J-Term Retreat Virtually Connects the Miami Writing Community
COVID-19 may have forced us online, but our annual 4-day J-term writing retreat managed to connect the Miami writing community and motivate attendees to get work done.
HCWE/CTE Workshop Considers Authentic Assessment in Large Courses
In a workshop co-hosted by the HCWE and CTE, Stacey Lowery Bretz (CHM), Mike Brudzinski (GLG), and Scott Sander (EDT) shared their unique approaches to 1) helping students learn in large courses and 2) assessing student knowledge in varied ways.
Director Elizabeth Wardle Featured on the Pedagogue Podcast
In a recent episode of the Pedagogue podcast, our own Elizabeth Wardle talked with host Shane A. Wood about her research-based, "ground-up" approach to leadership and how to make meaningful programmatic change.
Congratulations to a New Class of Faculty Writing Fellows
This Fall, our Faculty Writing Fellows program hosted faculty teams from the Havighurst Center for Russian & Post-Soviet Studies and from Justice and Community Studies. Over the course of the semester, the teams considered threshold concepts in their disciplines and prepared projects aimed at using writing in their curriculum to promote deep learning.
Miami Professors Discuss Their New Books and the Writing Process
Dr. Annie Dell'Aria and Dr. Anita Mannur spoke with the HCWE about their forthcoming books, how they approach the writing process, and how they've been able to work during the pandemic.