Benefit Forms Library

This form is to be used by new full-time hires only within 120 days of hire to elect the Alternative Retirement Plan (ARP). It is submitted to the Benefits office.

This form is used to update your life insurance beneficiary or name a trust or group of beneficiaries. Learn more at Life Insurance. Submit form to the Benefits office.

This form is used to certify your spouse's eligibility for coverage under Miami's plan. Submit the completed form to the Benefits office by fax, email, or campus mail. 
Submitting this form and appropriate documentation will allow HR to update your marital status and/or legal name in the University system and with our benefit vendors.

Use this form to change the amount that you contribute to your HSA per pay period. See Understanding Your HSA for more details.

Use this form to add/drop a spouse and dependents to/from your medical, dental, vision. See Qualifying Events for more information about required documentation, eligibility, and timelines.

Complete this form when you are requesting to add your spouse to your medical, dental, vision coverage.
This form must be completed with the tuition fee waiver in BannerWeb for a dependent child, who must have a Banner ID before the waiver can be approved.
This form is to be used when you are resigning from the University, or retiring from the University. Faculty and academic unclassified staff should also follow any Academic Personnel Services policies.