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Musculoskeletal Health

Did you know that between one in three and one in five people live with a musculoskeletal pain condition? It’s true, so the next time you encounter a sprain, strain, or any joint pain, be sure to contact your primary care physician! Even minor injuries can cause serious and costly surgeries later on. Here are a few tips to help prevent musculoskeletal pain and injuries:
  • Stretch daily
  • Always wear shoes that fit properly
  • Warm up before any activity, including walking
  • Make sure your workspace and home are ergonomic
For more information check out How to Prevent Soft Tissue Injuries. Also be sure to listen to HORAN’s “Benefits, What Like It’s Hard?” Podcast, episode 65, “Is Work a Pain in your Neck & Back” where we talk with Musculoskeletal health experts.


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March - Musculoskeletal Health