Miami holds annual surplus equipment auction May 10

Miami University will hold its annual Surplus Equipment Auction at 9 a.m. Saturday, May 10, in Millet Hall.

Surplus items should be reported to Clarence Blevins, physical facilities department, in a memo no later than May 2.

In an effort to get surplus information to the auctioneer for the flyers and newspaper ads that are circulated please contact Dick Pratt at as soon as you know what you are placing in the auction.

Items that are auctioned off vary greatly in function and price. Following is an abbreviated list of possible items:
* vehicles
* furniture
* recreational equipment
* lawn mowers
* off-road utility vehicles
* cooking equipment

Please note that computers are not part of the university auction. Please see the related article, Recycling or Disposal of Computers at Miami University.

All of the auction items are donated by university departments. Items are sold on an as is basis with no warranty expressed or implied. Items need not be in working order, but in fairness to our bidders such items should be clearly marked as “not working” with a short description of the problem.