Spring Street construction to continue through July

As part of the ongoing Western Campus site improvement project, the following work will occur along Spring Street, Route 73, and Patterson Avenue May 19 through July 20. No vehicle lane closures are expected; however, expect narrowed travel lanes on Spring Street and Patterson Avenue. Sidewalk closures are expected.

1. Deteriorated curb and gutter will be replaced along Spring Street from Patterson Avenue to Campus Avenue. Narrowed vehicle travel lanes are expected - no closures. No parking along Spring Street between Campus and Patterson avenues.

2. Sidewalk will be reconstructed on the south side of Spring Street from Maple Street to Patterson Avenue. Sidewalk is closed; use sidewalk on the north side of Spring Street for east-west movements.

3. Sidewalk will be reconstructed along the west side of Patterson Avenue from the Shriver Center driveway to Bishop Circle. Sidewalk is closed; use Maple Street sidewalks for north-south movements.

4. Western Drive will be closed and the Bachelor Hall parking lot will be closed for one month between June and July (separate notice for actual dates will be provided at a later date).

5. Curb and gutter will be constructed on the south side of Route 73. Expect narrowed travel lanes.

6. Curb and gutter will be reconstructed at Route 73 and Patterson Avenue. Expect narrowed travel lanes. Expect short duration sidewalk closures.

7. Traffic signal work will occur in the Patterson/ Spring/Route 73 area. Work will take two weeks and occur at the end of July/beginning of August. Expect narrowed travel lanes.