Daryl Baldwin, James Tobin headline the Michael J. Colligan History Project lectures

The Michael J. Colligan History Project announces its public history programs for spring at Miami University Regionals’ Hamilton campus.

Daryl Baldwin

Daryl Baldwin

Neepwaantiinki: Partners in Learning: Miami University and the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma, 7:30 p.m., Harry T. Wilks Conference Center, March 15

Daryl Baldwin, director of the Myaamia Center, speaks about the Miami Tribe and Miami University. Since 1972, the tribe and university have been partnering to achieve both university and tribal community educational goals. This partnership is unique and has grown considerably over the last 40+ years.

Baldwin is a citizen of the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma whose work with the center is a collaborative effort advancing the language and cultural needs of the Myaamia people, He will explore many facets of how the tribe and university engage with each other and the resulting impact for both communities. Baldwin is a Class of 2016 MacArthur Fellow.

James Tobin

James Tobin

Polio and the Making of FDR, 7:30 p.m., Harry T. Wilks Conference Center, Miami Regionals' Hamilton Campus, April 18

James Tobin, professor of media, journalism and film, argues that the conventional wisdom of recent decades — Franklin Roosevelt engaged in a massive deception about his disability — is flat wrong. In fact, FDR might never have become president at all had it not been for his extraordinary comeback from polio.

The Michael J. Colligan History Project is a partnership of the Colligan Fund Committee of the Hamilton Community Foundation and Miami Regionals’ Hamilton campus. Its goals are bringing the past to life, creating historical thinking, and building community identity.

For more information call (513) 785-3277 or visit Miami Regionals' Hamilton campus is located at 1601 University Blvd.