Photo rendering of the planned Chestnut Street Multimodal Station
Photo rendering of the planned Chestnut Street Multimodal Station Photo: BCRTA

Federal Funds to help BCRTA build new station in Oxford

The Butler County Regional Transit Authority (BCRTA) has been awarded funding through the federal Competitive Bus Grant Program secured by Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown in the 2015 Infrastructure Bill.

The grant will help build the Chestnut Street Multimodal Station and Shared Services Facility in Oxford, which will add the agency's first passenger infrastructure as well as a new operations facility.

“By investing in Ohio bus systems, we can improve service for riders and help Ohioans access safe and reliable transportation,” Brown said.

BCRTA will be awarded more than $2.6 million to help fund a multi-modal passenger and bus facility on Chestnut Street near Miami University. Miami and BCRTA have committed the required local financial match.

The facility will allow easy transfers from regional BCRTA and interurban bus routes, provide local infrastructure for Oxford public transit operations and offer shared services to local partners like the Talawanda School district. Additionally, the facility is planned to serve pedestrians and cyclists of the newly developing Oxford Area Trail Network that connects to the site.

Discussions for that site have included a potential Amtrak stop in the near future.

Matthew Dutkevicz, BCRTA executive director noted, “BCRTA has become an integral tool to access jobs and education in our community. We’re excited to be able to serve Butler County’s diverse transportation needs with a thoughtful new facility that improves bus connectivity, pedestrian and cyclist infrastructure, and also opens a door to regional rail travel in our area.”

“Miami’s strong partnership with BCRTA provides essential support for our communities. Grants such as this enhance transportation services for our students, the Talawanda school system, Oxford residents and the citizens of Butler County,” said David Creamer, Miami senior vice president for finance and business services.

BCRTA is an independent political subdivision of the State of Ohio governed by a nine-member board of trustees. BCRTA provided more than 568,000 rides in 2017. More information is available at