Faculty and staff are invited to a new student orientation preview


SOULs lead a vignette during summer orientation 2017.

Orientation and transition programs invites faculty and staff to join them to gain insight into what first-year students and families experience at orientation.

The sessions will be held noon-1 p.m. and 4:30-5:30 p.m. Tuesday, April 24, in 319 Kreger Hall.

Each June, Miami welcomes more than 3,500 first-year students and 5,000 family members to summer orientation, where they build the foundation of their college experience.  Orientation aims to help new students become more confident, comfortable, connected, and curious – a framework the office refers to as “The Four Cs”. 

At orientation, students meet faculty, staff, and student leaders, learn about campus resources, talk about the differences between high school and college, and set goals for academic and co-curricular success.  They also learn about liberal education, develop an academic plan based on their selected major, meet with an academic adviser, and register for fall semester classes.

One new element of orientation this summer is the addition of team-based interactive puzzles that students will solve while learning about student life topics such as wellness, student involvement, and academic success. Students will also see vignettes performed by SOULs (Student Orientation Undergraduate Leaders), and view and discuss a video that introduces the Code of Love and Honor from international students’ perspectives.