Renovations were recently completed in the lower level of Miami's Brick and Ivy Campus Store.
Renovations were recently completed in the lower level of Miami's Brick and Ivy Campus Store.

Shopping on Miami's campus benefits you and students

Purchases support student scholarships

By Kristal Humphrey, university news and communications

Are you looking for technology items, Miami spirit gear, gifts, or art and school supplies? Miami University’s stores can help you with those items and more.

Miami’s RedHawk Retail experience now includes two unique categories — a main campus store and specialty shopping locations.

Brick & Ivy

The Brick & Ivy Campus Store in Shriver Center recently reopened its lower level after renovations were completed.

The area features clothing, high-end gifts and national brand collections such as Vineyard Vines, Kadyluxe, Emerson Street, 47 Brands and more.Vineyard Vines collection in Brick & Ivy Campus Store

Brick & Ivy offers national brand collections.

The store’s upper level, which was renovated last year, includes a technology center, MiTech customer service and art/school supplies.

Specialty shops

Miami’s specialty shopping locations include:

  • Rowan — A boutique in the Armstrong Student Center. The name honors Rowan Hall that once stood at that location. Products offered include makeup, clothing, tech supplies and more. Gift wrapping is also offered at this location.
  • 1809 Outfitters — Located at the lower level, east wing of Shriver Center near the Admission Visitor Center, this store features spirit wear, an Adidas team shop and more.
  • Pro shops — Located at Goggin Ice Center and the recreational sports center, these shops offer merchandise that supports their programming areas.
  • Hawk shops — These shops are open at Goggin, Yager Stadium and Millett Hall when games are played at those locations.

To see more about the products offered at each location, go to RedHawk Retail.

Brick & Ivy Campus Store and 1809 Outfitters, two Miami University campus stores, are located in Shriver Center on Spring Street. Rowan store is located in the Armstrong Student Center, also on Spring Street. There is a Pro Shop and Hawk Shop in Goggin Ice Center on Oak Street and a Pro Shop in the recreational sports center, which is located on the south side of Goggin Ice Center.

Miami’s RedHawk Retail includes a main campus store and specialty shopping locations.

Starbucks coming soon

A Starbucks in the lower level of Brick & Ivy is expected to open in November. In addition to an entrance from the store, there will be an entrance from outside Shriver Center, allowing access when the store is closed.

Shop on campus to support students

Shopping at campus stores supports Miami students since the profits from university retail are used for student scholarships. It also helps the stores employ students, more than 150 currently. In addition, it enables Brick & Ivy to provide copies of the summer reading book to first-year students.